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Here are links to the R packages I am involved in developing:

respR : A package for processing and analysis of respirometry data

loomeR : A package for analysing escape responses using looming animations

Selected Publications

Nicholas Carey & Jeremy Goldbogen (2017). Kinematics of ram filter feeding and beat–glide swimming in the northern anchovy Engraulis mordax.
Journal of Experimental Biology, 220(15). 10.1242/jeb.158337

Nicholas Carey, Januar Harianto, Maria Byrne. (2016). Sea urchins in a high CO₂ world: partitioned effects of body-size, ocean warming and acidification on metabolic rate.
Journal of Experimental Biology, 219(8). 10.1242/jeb.136101

Nicholas Carey, Sam Dupont, Julia D. Sigwart. (2016). The sea hare Aplysia punctata (Mollusca: Gastropoda) can maintain shell calcification under extreme ocean acidification.
Biological Bulletin, 231(2). 10.1086\690094

Nicholas Carey & Julia D. Sigwart. (2014). Size matters: plasticity in metabolic scaling shows body-size may modulate responses to climate change.
Biology Letters, 10(8), 20140408. 10.1098/rsbl.2014.0408

Nicholas Carey, Sam T. Dupont, Bengt Lundve, Julia D. Sigwart. (2014). One size fits all: stability of metabolic scaling under warming and ocean acidification in echinoderms.
Marine Biology, 161(9). 10.1007/s00227-014-2493-8

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